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Update 3/16/21: Make A Difference In Your Community Today

You rock! In just 3 months we raised over $37,000 and have paid out 100% to cover the rent and utility bills of people in our communities. All payments are sent directly to their landlords and utility companies.

All available funds have been spent, but there are still many families who need your help. With your donation we can continue to help more people prevent homelessness and housing insecurity!

About Us

Our mission is to uplift the lives of people in recovery from substance use and mental disorders and create a positive impact for their families, and their communities.

UPLift Your Life is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose programs teach people how to start a business, master their money, become home owners and achieve financial freedom.

We do this through online trainings, personalized mentorship, media outreach, and live events.

Donate and get involved to help show the world that Recovery Is Possible and no matter what someone has struggled with, they can overcome any challenge and create a fulfilling and exciting life for themselves that uplifts society and positions them to become leaders for the next generation to come.

We believe that empowering men and women with these skills leads to self-worth, personal accountability, a sense of responsibility and a culture of contribution that adds to their communities while reducing unemployment, relapse, suicide, crime, and recidivism rates.

We believe in those we serve and provide them with the mentorship and actual lived experiences that encourage them to believe in themselves.


Entrepreneurial and Personal Development Trainings

Live virtual trainings taught by some of the top business experts in the online business space. Our instructors are heart-centered entrepreneurs: internationally recognized leaders, business and life coaches, best-selling authors, TEDX speakers, and consultants who practice what they preach. Many have taken their companies to 6, 7, or 8 figures. They are passionate about giving back and sharing their experience and direction with students in UPLift Your Life's mentorship program.

Virtual Meetings

Growing together spiritually is just as important to our community as anything else. That's why Wednesdays at 6pm PST/9pm EST we lead a Silent Group Meditation over Zoom. All are welcome to attend. Login details: Meeting ID: 967 0723 5216 Passcode: Presence

Providing Financial Assistance for Those Struggling to Pay Their Bills

We help people who are struggling to pay rent and utilities by sending money directly to the landlords and utility companies on behalf of those we serve. Currently we are out of funding. If you would like to help please donate and let us know you wish for it to go to Project Prevent Homelessness. We have a big list of people who have requested help and we will turn around and pay out 100% of your specified donation to help them.

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Prevent Homelessness


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(Out of funds)  Rent/Utility Assistance Program

UPLift Your Life offers rent and/or utility assistance to at-risk families, individuals, and seniors with documentable proof of impending housing loss or utility disconnection. 

We are currently out of funding so please continue to seek out other programs for assistance. We will update this as more funding becomes available and/or we discover additional resources where we can refer you to. Don't give up- there are many people thinking of you and working behind the scenes to help. Keep your head up, you are not alone.

You can search for "housing and utility assistance [your county] and find lists of resources. One list can be viewed at

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